Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Youth Is Wasted On The Young

I work with guys that are between the age of 20 and 25. College boys. lotta fun. hahahha
Anyhow, the other morning one of the guys was commenting to the others about middle age women at bars. I wasn't paying much attention to them as I was much too engrossed in my new Guildwars game, but DID catch the "middle aged women" thing. I said in a joking manner "hey what you say about middle aged women". I honestly was joking around, because I honestly didn't hear what he was saying about middle aged women. Selective hearing I guess.
Anyhow, he said "no nooo, I was commenting on how FUN they are at bars".
Now, this conversation goes right along with everything that is going on with me these days.
So he and I got into the conversation about why middle aged women are so fun at bars.
He was honestly enlightened. I've discovered that most young adults are very respectful of older peoples opinions if you are honest and open with them. A little humor thrown in helps too. lol
My theory on this is that middle aged women are more fun "out on the town", because they are there for just that...."fun".
They really could give 2 shits what everyone thinks. They aren't there to get laid. They aren't there for a fashion show or intelligent conversation.
They are there to get drunk, laugh, be wild, blow off steam and basically forget that they are...."middle aged".
Middle aged women know that a bar is not the place to find a perspective mate.
Middle aged women have hit that "don't give a fuck" stage in life. When you hit that stage, the term "youth is wasted on the young" becomes VERY true.