Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Something the security world has been saying for years...

WMD report: US remains 'dangerously vulnerable'

The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Specialist) is the gold standard in the information security world. It is a highly valued certification.
I have this certification.
Most folks think that information security deals with just computers and networks.
Not true. The study gets into physical security as well.
I read alot of infosec news, blogs, etc.. and often the topic comes up about how safe the U.S. is since 9/11.
Mostsecurity experts agree that we are LESS safe. We are less safe because the world hates us now. We have a bully for a boss and he'd rather punch you in the face than to sit down and discuss with you.
What gets me is all the people that fall prey to the "fear tactics". They think we are more safe and think voting someone in like Bush will keep us safe.
Think about your life back in school (elementary, middle school, high school) didn't you just want to beat the shit out of the bully? You normally just avoided him. If you ran into him now, what would you do? Most would not fight. Most would talk.
Folks, we are NOT more safe than we were 8 years ago. We are LESS safe.
99% of the controls that have been put in place are nothing more than security theater.

And if nothing else scares the bijeebers outta ya...



Names of some of the founders that wrote the Statement of Principles?
Jeb Bush
Dick Cheney
I. Lewis Libby
Dan Quayle (really?)
Donal Rumsfeld
Paul Wolfowitz

Dirty Bush Tricks

I think these are nasty tricks to pull right before an election.
Bush is blaming the entire mortgage mess on congress...You know if it were a republican congress he wouldn't be doing this.

And NOW Bush is saying he will bring home 4000 troops from Iraq and send more into Afghanistan. Gee....wasn't that Obama's idea?
Either that or he's hoping it will cause a quagmire and then McCain will be a shoo-in as the only person "hero" that can fix the mess.

Be afraid....be very afraid.