Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Resolution

I stopped making New Years Resolutions years ago, because I never finish anything.
So I'm going to strive for 2 things in 2008. MOVE, as in physically move my fat ass, no matter "how" I have to move it. Walking, cleaning, dancing, etc... and drink water.
Short and sweet.
Yes, I have plans to quit smoking on Valentines Day. We'll see how that goes. lol

Monday, December 24, 2007

My FAVORITE Xmas pic!

1st Christmas 1994

Almost 14 now...I suppose any picture of my little guy (almost 6 ft now) smiling is my favorite!

Only it's video games and not stuffed animules now.
He's still a VERY good person! =)

Good God...he still believes in Santa... I don't know whether to burst that bubble or not...

Friday, December 14, 2007

All Hail "The Fruitcake Lady"!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fruitcake Lady!

Mood = Sleepy

We have 4 dogs...yes 4, FOUR!
Don't ever do dog rescue, because you will inevitably end up with more
than the 1 you started with.
For 3 nites now they have been up and down like a pregnant woman. I
keep threatening the blue juice, to no avail.
At work they are giving us a 1/2 day paid as a Christmas present.
So, I'm hoping my boss will ok this afternoon as mine. I'm hoping to
pick up "the beast", see guitar porn below.
Decisions, decisions....a nap or a few nice stiff Chardonnay's and
working on the Mother's digital picture frames for Christmas....

Christmas Stoooopidity

We always get our son most of what he asks for for Christmas. He is never greedy and there are usually only about 5 to 7 things on his list.
But we always get him at least "one" thing that we think he will like that he never thought to ask for. One year it was a leap frog globe which he played with for hours and hours. Usually whatever we get him he ends up playing with more than the other stuff. So we done good.
So this year he is almost 14 and we decided to get him a Metal Detector.
I do ALL my shopping online. My list starts on Amazon about a month before and then the first payday of the month "click". Within days, Christmas goodies trickle onto my porch from Mr. UPS, FEDEX, etc....
Hubby sends me a text, idiot people sent the metal detector in the original box.
Yep! Sure nuff, on the side of the box BIG picture of a metal detector with BIG letters "METAL DETECTOR! METAL DETECTOR!" Gee, ya think it's a metal detector?
My son thought it was for my brother. I shoulda played along, but I didn't. BUT I did tell him that with all the parties my brother has had over the years, he could probably find alot of beer caps, I mean money in the field next to the house.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Guitar Porn

This is the hubby's xmas present. If given the choice between "air" and this guitar....the guitar would win out hands down.
I am SO getting blown for this.
It is the "beast" - Ibanez PS-10 going through the process of new strings and a wax job.


Just spent $2500 on xmas presents and notta one for me!