Monday, December 24, 2007

My FAVORITE Xmas pic!

1st Christmas 1994

Almost 14 now...I suppose any picture of my little guy (almost 6 ft now) smiling is my favorite!

Only it's video games and not stuffed animules now.
He's still a VERY good person! =)

Good God...he still believes in Santa... I don't know whether to burst that bubble or not...


JaniceNW said...

He's 14 and you still like him? Good for you all! My 6ft and still growing 16yo is driving me insane. My 19 yo isn't for once. I'm thinking 8th grade is when they lost their brains, 16 is when they KNOW everything and roll their eyes even thoughI'm one of the coolest moms around.

The Cube Monkey said...

He rolls his me. He gives me that teenage "look", but he is a very innocent soul. I'm enjoying while it lasts. Maybe it's because he is an only child. I don't know.