Friday, November 30, 2007

Mystery SOLVED!!!

For years I have wondered why these kids where their pants down below their butt. I've asked young kids why and they don't have a clue.
It can't be comfortable. It looks stupid. I don't get it.
Yesterday I dropped my son and his buddy off to school as I always do.
I turned the corner and there is this teenage walking, or rather, "trying" to walk, with his pants, I am not kidding, around his calves! It almost reminded me of Monty Python's silly walks.
So, I've come to the conclusion that the purpose of the wearing of the pants so low is that "whomever can wear them the lowest and get to a destination on their own without breaking their nose on the sidewalk....WINS!"

This guy is being protected in jail from the other inmates....


Friday, November 02, 2007

Please adopt me....

12/07/07 - update on El Spankster...he was adopted by a very nice girl. She is a juvenile probation officer and already has another dog named Eddie. =)


Booze and music....what could be better? There are about 500 bottles of booze in this private bar. Some replaceable....some not.

Ahhh those neon lights

I wish I could play...


Am I blue....

The Orb

Streaming in...


Questionable death...

seriously...isn't this guy dead

Purple Haze

UFO in a plant

Towering Inferno

and now for something totally different...

so I could post about the stoopidity of corporate america for decades upon end. If that makes any sense...
But, I decided that my phone takes these awesome pictures. And so my high school journalism teacher told me I have a "photogenic eye", whatever that means...I'm gonna post the pics that I have found to be, it were... "cool" to my eye.