Friday, April 13, 2007

God I miss being bored...

Never thought I would say that.
A few years ago I kept thinking about how boring my life was. Going to work, coming home, going to work, coming home.
These days I am working 30 hours a week at the local university in a department that is a total cluster fuck. They want to suck as much of my experience out of me that they can at a student assistant wage before I either graduate and leave or they hire me on at a sucky state wage.
I'm going to school with a full class load.
They say you are supposed to set aside 2 hours a day for every class you are taking for studying. I'm sure I don't do THAT much (which explains the average grades), but if I spread out the amount of time I DO spend on studying and homework, here is what I get.
30 hours of work.
12 hours class time.
About 30 hours study time.
72 add 1 teenager, 1 husband, 4 dogs, financial worries and a house to the equation.
I'm tired....