Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Something the security world has been saying for years...

WMD report: US remains 'dangerously vulnerable'

The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Specialist) is the gold standard in the information security world. It is a highly valued certification.
I have this certification.
Most folks think that information security deals with just computers and networks.
Not true. The study gets into physical security as well.
I read alot of infosec news, blogs, etc.. and often the topic comes up about how safe the U.S. is since 9/11.
Mostsecurity experts agree that we are LESS safe. We are less safe because the world hates us now. We have a bully for a boss and he'd rather punch you in the face than to sit down and discuss with you.
What gets me is all the people that fall prey to the "fear tactics". They think we are more safe and think voting someone in like Bush will keep us safe.
Think about your life back in school (elementary, middle school, high school) didn't you just want to beat the shit out of the bully? You normally just avoided him. If you ran into him now, what would you do? Most would not fight. Most would talk.
Folks, we are NOT more safe than we were 8 years ago. We are LESS safe.
99% of the controls that have been put in place are nothing more than security theater.


ilinap said...

I am loving the posts you are writing about Bush. You bring such a unique perspective to this whole mess. I agree that we are less safe. For one, we have pissed off the whole world.

Vera said...

We're definitely less safe overall, but since at the moment we have a whole lot of paranoia about our national security, people are a little more on the ball than they'd normally be. Still, that's a bad thing because in 20 or 30 years, we'll easily slip back into complacency, leaving ourselves more vulnerable to attack than any other point in history.