Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Barack Obama

I never considered myself a political person. Not until things began to affect me personally.
The first time I ever voted was when Perot ran. I was about 34 years old.
I felt the government going down the toilet and decided we needed change.
Still, I have never been passionate about politics. That is, until this gentleman came on the scene.
My husband and I were moved by his speech at the Dem Convention. We had never heard of him. After his speech, we stood up and cheered to the t.v. set. Everything he said made SO much sense.
There is just something about him. A positive aura surrounding him.
I fear for him, because he IS black. People can be ignorant. And they will be.
He brings "hope". He preaches what is in the hearts of Americans. Even those that are afraid or won't say it.
He brings a J.F.K. sort of model to the stand.
Personally, I think he is bigger and better than JFK.
I'm hoping....

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