Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Cube Monkey - Fashion Magnet

I've always owned about 3 pairs of shoes (tennis shoe, dress shoe and sandal). And I usually buy them at payless. My most recent shoe splurge was on generic Crocs that I bought at CVS for $7. Hey, I'm all about comfort! This practically sends my mother in law into a coronary. She owns about 80 pairs of shoes and none cost below $50.
So, I made my mother in law proud the other nite.
I needed new pants, so I headed off to the local mall after work. After spending WAY too much money at Lane Bryant, I headed over to Game Stop. Well, it was right across the hall! And I needed a new game for my DS. Then I started walking out and off to my left was a shoe store much like a shoe carnival or such. I have been looking for a good comfy pair of tennis shoes so that I could start working out again. Didn't find anything......
BUT...what I DID find made me utter words that I don't believe have ever, or at least, I have never allowed them to escape my lips "those shoes are just TOO cute for words and I HAVE to have them!"

And have them I did! Although I gagged momentarily at the price tag ($60), they are more comfy than any shoe I have ever owned and they look good with casual dress/work pants.


simplypink said...

I have that pair of shoes....and also several other versions. Their comfort has literally saved my flip flop wearing life. :)

The Cube Monkey said...

I'd love the other versions as I can wear them to work with my casual business clothes and they are SO comfy. Unfortunately the wallet is putting a screaching halt on purchases at the moment. lol