Saturday, May 31, 2008

Too much death...

I feel like Phoebe on friends when she is shooing the bad karma/vibes away from her body with her hands when I think about how I feel right now.
Too much death this month. Too many bad feelings. I hate when I feel "off". And that is what death does for me. It makes me feel unsettled. Like the world isn't right.
A close friend of the family died last nite. He was my brothers best friend since they were like in kindergarten. He was 47. It was expected, but then again, death always shocks. He was suffering greatly from the ravages of cancer, so I try to look at it as he hopefully won't have to suffer anymore.

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ilinap said...

Sorry for the death of your friend. So sad no matter the age or whether it's expected or not.

I checked out your blog because of the amaretto slushie comment you left on I am Bossy. I haven't had one since college! It just might be my highlighted drink on my 5:00 Friday post this week!