Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm an Information Security Professional by trade. I rarely use the ID10T error funny because it's just downright cheezy and degrading. After all, we ALL were new at everything at one point, except Matthew McConaughey, he was born just downright gorgeous, ehem....anyhow I read quite a few security blogs a coupla mornings a week to stay caught up on things. Once in a while you come across something so believable, yet unbelievable at the same time.

Amusing Moment On a Train

I have these moments when I get to ride the train where I see and hear some of the oddest things. Last week I was riding the train when I heard this guy in the car behind me exclaim “ah crap” and begin dialing his cell phone.

“Uh hi honey, sorry to wake you. Could you login to my email for me?”

Ah, the fun begins I thought.

“OK, my user name is [REDACTED] and my password is [REDACTED]”

Sigh, some folks just don’t get it. But, it gets better.

“No sweetie, that’s for my Gmail account”


At this point I glance around the train to see that I wasn’t the only person that found this fella’s call amusing. There were smirks to be seen. Then this takes a darker turn, for him at least.

“Now, sweetie I’ll need you to order a wireless router from [REDACTED] and my credit card number is 5, 5…

He proceeded to read out the entire number with expiry date and CVN. I was a little worried for the guy at this point. But, I guess Darwin was right. Then I heard a woman’s voice utter, “jackass”. I glanced up to see a little old lady shaking her head as she looked at the loud talker in disgust. A smile crept across my face.

I think what is the funniest AND the scariest about this true story is that the guy is probably a Network Administrator or something for some big company. hahahha

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ilinap said...

Seriously?! Are people really this stupid? He deserves whatever is coming his way.