Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Highlights of NYE

Wore my Steve and Barry's "Baked Potato" t-shirt, which proved to be quite appropriate by the end of the evening.
Drank shooters of cherry vodka and pomegranete (sp?) Rockstar. Very nummy.
My best buddy and I attempted to cut a turkey ... buzzed. So that was interesting. And one ended up at the e.r.
Met a woman that I went to middle school with. Small world...
Drank alot of Jack and Diet Coke.
Discovered thee most wonderful dessert on earth. Cheesecake like thing flavored with Captain Morgan's. I didn't find the recipe online or I would have linked to it. If I find it, I will fix. Or I'll post the recipe if I get hold of it.
Watched a bunch of middle aged men almost fall over when this very pretty 20 something tried to fix the zipper on her stilletto boots.
Smoked alot of cigarettes.
While out smoking, watched fat naked chick run out on porch across the street to yell at some guy. Fast forward to next cigarette...........2 cop cars at fat naked chicks house.
All in all it was an enjoyable, uneventful nite. Everyone had a good time and no body died.


JaniceNW said...

You mean after an evening with all that imbibing you didn't puke on the cops just for fun? I am 45 and I haven't parties like that in decades. (I take anti-d's so alcohol isn't the best idea plus parents were kinda alcoholic) I don't think I'd be able to walk for 5-6 days after the night you had.LOL

The Cube Monkey said...

Took me a few days to fully recovery. Honestly I wasn't "that" drunk. It was a slow steady infusion over the course of the evening. Just enough to have a good time. =)