Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hard as a rock!

One of the 'cons' about hitting middle age is that you hit that point in the matrix where the number of physical tests that are recommended for your "age group" goes up.
So now I'm supposed to periodically have:
  • the yearly poke and feel
  • a year physical
  • my boobs smoooshed
  • a stress test
  • a camera up my ass
  • a bone scan

I'm sure there are more, but I don't want my insurance company to drop me.

So, yesterday I had the bone scan. You lay on this x-ray like table and a big metal arm thing x-rays you from right below the breast to the top of the thigh.
This test checks for bone loss in menopausal years.

GOOD NEWS! Doc says I have very minimal bone change in one area (he didn't say where) no biggie. He also said my spine was better than perfect. I don't know how anything can be better than perfect...but I'll take his assessment. He said at this rate, I should never break a bone in this lifetime. Which is a good thing considering my husband is already badly arthritic stricken.
Just means I'll be able to help his old cobbled ass when he falls and breaks a hip and his life alert doesn't kick in.

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