Friday, January 18, 2008

Arthur Itis?

Right after the New Year my left hand started hurting really bad. Just my thumb and first 2 fingers. I kept running my brain through the events of New Years Eve...did I hit my hand on something? Did I punch someone? I kid...I've never punched anyone in my life that wasn't a sibling and I honestly was not THAT drunk New Years Eve.
The pain didn't go away. I developed a little lump of sorts between my first 2 knuckles what appeared to be a swollen muscle or tendon. I couldn't figure it out. I was thinking that maybe I was developing arthritis. But why just there and why all of a sudden? Like over night.
Then my brilliance appeared.....
My diagnosis? Nintendo DS bad for old people.
I bought myself a Nintendo DS months ago. I bought it for the Brain Age and Flash Focus games (right).
My son and hubby got me the new Zelda game for Christmas after my brother and sister in law told them of my addiction to the original Zelda game on the first Nintendo (late 1990's?).
I had realized that if I wasn't eating, sleeping, working or doing school work, I was playing Zelda. Good god. It has become my crack.

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