Friday, June 29, 2007

Stoopid Corporate Trick of the Week!

The honor goes to the Cleveland Clinic for this gem...

Cleveland Clinic Bans Hiring Of Smokers

Ok, I am a smoker. I totally agree that smoking is a nasty habit. It is the most useless addiction on the face of the earth. And I love it.
Here in Ohio, as in most states, smoking has been banned from most public places. Some places have designated smoke areas, but, for instance the hospitals, you cannot smoke ANYWHERE on the grounds. This is fine by me. It's a health thing, but whatever. Let me go on the record and say I don't agree with banning smoking in private clubs. I just think that's wrong. I mean, how's a gal supposed to enjoy an occasional evening at small town VFW drankin and playing tickets with the family without a smoke? Besides, if majority ruled with a vote by the members, why should the public care?
So back to this Cleveland Clinic thing.
This is not just a matter of you can't smoke at work. You can't smoke ANYWHERE. They are going to drug test for nicotine! They have also removed sugar laden soft drinks and transfats from their cafeteria - BUT you can still get a bacon and cheese crossiant there. And I'm willing to bet dollars for donuts (hee hee) that you will still find tons of vending machines throughout the campus.
So in a setting, where there is a shortage of staff anyhow, they are going to make it even "harder" to find quality nurses and such. In some of the most stressful jobs.
Most people are against this ruling. I would agree. In fact I'm against most of these drug testing things. I don't feel that it's anyone's business what you consume in the privacy of your home as long as it doesn't affect your job and your not consuming human flesh.
There are very few in favor of this. There was a woman that called into the radio the other day. Tried to support this ruling by talking about doctors with ashtray breath. How she remembers going to a few doctors with the most horrid ashtray breath.
I wish I had been one of the radio personalities that morning. I would have asked the woman,
How many kids do you think have puked on that doctor?
How many people do you think he has had to tell, you are dying?
How many stinky, yeast laden vagina's has he looked at?
How many crusty diabetes sores?

If he wants to go home and chain smoke a pack of cigarettes while downing a few shots of Jack, I don't care, as long as he is up to par to handle my health issues the next day.

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