Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm officially old...

Forget the daily checking for reoccurring whiskers that have no defined arrival time. Meaning one day they are not there, that same evening they are 2 inches is up with that?
I just got this new job at big corporate. I needed new work shoes.
The Cube Monkey just paid $90...yes Ninety U.S. Dollars for a pair of comfortable sandals made of cork, leather and rubber. I almost crapped myself. Granted, I was treated like a queen by an elderly gentleman who actually measured my flintstone feet and chose about 6 pairs of shoes for me to try on that he thought I would like after telling him "need comfy shoes for work". He was good. He put the shoes on me, even fastened them for me. But 90 DOLLARS!!?? Doesn't that classify as rape or something? The husband feels that for $90 they should provide me with an orgasm every 10 steps. I agree and wouldn't that be sumpthin? hahaha

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