Monday, June 25, 2007

Jessie Marie Davis

The Cube Monkey has been following this story pretty closely. I sat restlessly in my monkey cage at big corporate zoo on Thursday and Friday feeling helpless because I felt that I should have been down aiding in the search. I don't know why. I just wanted to "help".
So Friday night I had decided that if they were still going to be searching on Saturday I would go down to help. Alas an intestinal bug that had found it's way into Mr. Cube Monkey left me at home.
We have four dogs....yes...four. Two of them I took to the dog park Saturday afternoon. Whilst walking out the door, the furry ball of neurosis (more on him later) looked at me pathetically. "I will take you on your own walk on the wooded trail later" I told him.
So when I got back Crazy Boy was hooked up and we were off. We live within a hop, skip and a fart of a nice wooded trail that sits on the edge of a part of the Metro Parks. When we walk this trail I always look down the ravines. Why? Partially boredom, partially because I know it' s a good place to dump a body.
On our way back I noticed helicopters circling overhead again and again. They didn't stop.
I told Mr. Cube Monkey that the searchers must have changed their area. They had been searching about 45 minutes south of here. Within a 17 mile area of where Jessie was last seen.
The suspect was a cop, her boyfriend. Now I'm no genius, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to think that he would be smart enough NOT to dump the body close to home.
We turned on the TV. Her body was discovered about 20 minutes north of our house. In a part of the Metro Parks.
I told the hubby how Crazy Boy and I were looking down ravines and stuff "just because". He agreed and said he does that too when he takes the pups for walks down the trail.
Then my mouth opened wide when he said "I know that's the kind of place I would dump your body if I did you in". A nervous laugh escaped my throat. "Exsqueeze me?".
In the end, I informed him that TRUST ME, if you wanted me gone so badly that you wanted me dead, just tell me and I will be out the door "right quick and in a hurry".
Of course I would leave him the house, the 4 furry bottomless stomachs and the 13 year old attitude. =) Cuz I'm giving that way.

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