Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Month From Hell

The Cube Monkey has been MIA. Actually I've been whirling around in the gates of hell for the past 30 some days. Thankfully, things seem to be leveling out.
  1. Work goes nutso trying to achieve PCI compliance.
  2. My Grandfather took to his deathbed.
  3. My friend gets diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.
  4. Mr. Stomach Flu visited the house.
  5. A week later I contract the cold from hell. It's been more than 2 weeks and still lingering. The past few years my hubby and son would get the horrible colds and it would pass me by. The Doc said "well, what comes around goes around..". Guess my number was up. lol
  6. I end up 2 weeks behind in my college course. The prof has been very understanding, but communicated that if I don't catch up and keep up, I will flunk.
So now...
  1. Work has calmed down to an enjoyable pace.
  2. We buried my Grandfather this past Monday. He was 94 and tired of having to have people wipe his ass. He wanted to go. He had a long and wonderful life, so while it is sad...we were happy he got what he wanted.
  3. My friend is "ok" for now. Just had her 2nd round of chemo and feels like dog shit which should pass in a few days. Also, her sister is now in town. =)
  4. Stomach flu has left the building and the cold is getting better.
  5. I am pretty much caught up with my school work.
On a fun note....I'M GETTING A WII FOR CHRISTMAS!!! I'm so excited! =)

What a weird year this has been....

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