Friday, July 18, 2008

The ultimate slap in the face...

Where I work, we have a pretty good cafeteria. They have a mean cheeseburger.
The hubby had a total knee replacement back in May and has been on medical leave and enjoying the summer with our 14 year old son.
A lot of folks. who have experienced it, had warned us that recovery from a total knee replacement is a very slow and painful process. We were prepared.
Well, he blew through the first 2 weeks of therapy in the short 4 days he was in the hospital. He finished up the remaining weeks of therapy the first 2 weeks he was home.
He's been walking 4 to 7 miles a day. The doctor said he is at the place in recovery that most folks aren't at until 6 months out. He looks rested and content. bastard.
So I invite my husband and son to join me for lunch at my place of employment yesterday.
I might mention that my husband is a VERY good looking man anyhow. He also has gorgeous jet black silky hair with about 3 grays. And NO hair loss.
We order our food and hit the checkout line, I don't know the cashiers name, but she is always nice and we always exchange pleasantries. I say "I brought the family in today".
Her response? "ohhh how nice (pointing to my husband), is this your oldest?".........

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ilinap said...

OUCH! I can't even think of a snappy comeback to that one. What did your husband say?! Does the cashier need glasses or just some sense?