Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meet Petey!

This is a Pitbull puppy. Her name is Petey. I rescued her and 4 of her brothers and sisters last Febuary. They were found in a box in an alley in week long below zero temperatures. They were starving. You could put your finger up to the first knuckle between their ribs. These pups were awesome. They have since all been adopted to loving homes by a Pitbull rescue in Northeast Ohio. It was the toughest litter I ever accepted in rescue. I was afraid I would make the wrong choice in their adoptions. That I would get snowed by someone and these little cuties would end up in the hands of someone like this. I still worry about them, but try to put it out of my head and trust in the rescue that I turned them over to.
Mr. Vick, they say that when a dog dies, it sits at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for it's owner to either cross over with them or take care of unfinished "business". I only pray that EVERY SINGLE PITBULL you ever owned and that died because of your actions is sitting there...waiting...with teeth bared...just for you.

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Ilina said...

I could just eat up that sweet face! Petey is ADORABLE. What a great deed you've done. I am appalled at the dog fighting business. Tell me why torture and cruelty are sport.